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3 Types of Mobility Scooters for Seniors in Highgrove, CA

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Beaumont Pharmacy is a leading Highgrove, CA mobility scooter retailer. Moreover, we offer the most affordable prices and work with Medicare to make sure that you can find a motorized scooter that fits your budget. We carry the largest selection of motorized scooter makes and models from the most reputable manufacturers in the industry. Since we first began offering electric scooters for seniors to the elders of Riverside County, we have assisted them in maintaining their independence while improving their safety. Please contact 951-845-8252 today if you would like more information or to schedule a test drive!

Top 3 Models of Electric Scooters for Seniors in Riverside County

Whether you are getting older and slowing down, you have developed a medical condition like arthritis or osteoporosis, or you have suffered an injury that has left you disabled, you might be thinking about investing in an electric scooter for seniors if your mobility has been compromised. With a motorized scooter, not only will you have an easier time getting around, but you’ll be safer, and you’ll be able to maintain your independence; in other words, you can ensure your peace of mind with a walking assistance scooter, which is certainly a worthwhile investment.

There’s no doubt you’ve seen other senior citizens driving around Riverside County on mobility scooters, and you have to admit that you’re excited to get one for yourself. While there’s no denying that electric scooters for seniors can offer numerous benefits, shopping for one can be a bit overwhelming, as there are so many different types to choose from. To make the process easier, familiarizing yourself with the different models before you head to a Highgrove, CA mobility scooter retailer is highly recommended. With that said, here’s a look at the top three senior citizen electric scooter models.

3-Wheel Electric Scooters for Seniors

Mobility scooter retailers in Highgrove, CA offer plenty of 3-wheel models, as they are one of the most popular options. They typically feature two wheels in the rear that are widely spaced across from one another, and a single- or double-width wheel in the front, which is attached to a handlebar, a tiller, or a steering wheel. In terms of appearance and power, three-wheeled electric scooters for seniors are similar to children’s tricycles, although they are larger and are powered by electricity. Low turning radius is one of the main advantages of the 3-wheel model, allowing maximum maneuverability. Since they aren’t as stable as other models and can’t handle uneven outdoor terrain, they’re recommended for indoor use. In the event that you intend to use one outdoors, stick to smooth paved walkways, footpaths, and roads 4-Wheel Motorized Scooters for Seniors An electric scooter for seniors with four wheels would be a good choice if you enjoy spending time outside and traveling. These models feature two evenly spaced wheels in both the front and back of the scooter. A lot of models are also equipped with front and rear suspension, which allows for a smoother ride when traveling at higher speeds. Additionally, because the dual front and rear wheels are evenly spaced, 4-wheel motorized scooters are much more stable than 3-wheel models. However, since they typically have a greater turning radius, they’re better suited to outdoor use due to their clearance requirements.

Heavy-Duty Electric Scooters for Seniors

Reputable Highgrove, CA mobility scooter retailers will also carry heavy-duty models. If you require a more powerful mobility scooter, this is the perfect choice. They deliver exceptional performance due to their specially designed engineering. The drivetrains are usually heavy-duty, which makes them more powerful. The scooters have four wheels – two evenly spaced wheels at the front and two at the back – which are typically longer and more rugged than standard 4-wheel electric scooters, so they can handle rougher terrain better. Additionally, they usually have front- and rear-wheel suspension, and the seats are larger and offer more cushioning for maximum comfort.

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For more information about electric scooters for seniors in Riverside County, contact Beaumont Pharmacy. We carry the largest selection of makes and models from the best manufacturers in the industry, and we’d love to assist you with finding the perfect model to best suit your needs. If you’re interested in finding out more or scheduling a test drive, contact 951-845-8252 today!

Highgrove is a census-designated place (CDP) in Riverside County, California, United States. The population was 3,988 at the 2010 census, up from 3,445 at the 2000 census. The latest 2020 census shows 7,515 total population in Highgrove, a 88.4% increase from last 2010 census, which makes it the fastest-growing location in entire Riverside County.

Highgrove was founded in 1886, originally called East Riverside, but in 1897 during a naming contest, it was renamed to Highgrove, after not getting it confused with the city of Riverside. Citrus-farm growers have occupied Highgrove area since beginning of history, with its superior fresh wind conditions from the west, blowing into east of a cove-shape like terrain, making it one the most valuable places in Inland Empire for citrus-farming by generations of farmers. Due to the stronger wind conditions that can easily move air out, a landfill dumping ground was opened in 1947 for discarded farm waste. Originally, it operated as a fire-burn dump during the 1950s, until 1960 when there was a concern of heavy-smog in southern California.

In 1970, the Highgrove Agricultural Preserve conservation was formed in order to support the growing number of orange trees from farmers. More diverse of citrus fruits were being grown for the packing houses in Riverside. However, farming output could only peaked by the mid-1980s. More competition on fruit prices had increased daily from new farming businesses at the Central California region. Highgrove’s another biggest threat was its rising land-value and water cost for the groves by the end of 1980s, due to its close-proximity to downtown Riverside, which made farm crops more unprofitable. By 1990, the preserve contract was not renewed, citing increases of population density, housing shortage, traffic jam, and smog near Riverside. Citrus (mostly orange) trees were gradually phased out and torn down completely by year 2000.

The Highgrove sanitary landfill closed permanently in 1998, after 51 years of operation. Since the 2018 inspection yearly report, no methane output has been detected in any of the designated area. Today, new construction homes occupy near front of it, across Pigeon Pass Road. The citrus industry declined in the area as more agricultural areas were replaced by new subdivisions. In 2007, Spring Mountain Ranch master-planned community was originally conceived by RWR Homes, but construction halted due to the 2008 recession, and now KB Home, in 2014, will be completing this long-awaited project today, with no HOA fee as its main selling point. Other builders included are D.R. Horton, Lennar, and Pulte with some HOA fee.

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In order to get a mobility scooter for free through financial assistance programs, a doctor’s prescription is usually required. You should be able to get a free mobility chair or scooter if you can prove you need one and cannot afford one.

A power-operated vehicle (scooter), a walker, or a wheelchair is covered by Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). In order for Medicare to cover DME, your physician must write a letter stating that you require wheelchair or scooter for home use

Mobility scooters can only be driven by people who have difficulty walking due to an injury, physical disability, or medical condition.

Your health insurance will only cover mobility scooters when you are in need of them for medical reasons. A doctor’s written prescription and a face-to-face appointment are necessary before Medicare will consider paying for your scooter.